Sanju – Movie Review

SANJU – The Review

“One man Many lives” the only tag to justify the roller coaster journey of Sanjay Dutt.

Now coming to the script , it has been an alarming biography narrated into a cinematic.

His past choices itself had left the ‘question mark’ how well we have to choose the company in order to drive our lives on a happier note.

Coming to the lead cast Ranbir Kapoor has moulded himself into a way where no point has left behind to raise a bar over his performance. He has added value to the core(Script) with his prolific screen presence.

Paresh Rawal another iconic artist just nailed the role of Sunil Dutt in his own aura.

The whole plot revolved how the circumstances around him made to do such things which were already went out of his hands and ruining his early years of his career.

The only intake to the public is how do we make the right choices in order to sustain on a good note rather than opting false options out of anguish. Like he did in the cases of X..Y..Z on his name.

Whenever he was drowning deep.. his near ones has uplifted and stood beside him portraying the importance of family at such times.

Other aspects such as Vicky Kaushal aka Kamli another gem to look after Ranbir Kapoor. Everyone is not destined to have such person beside us in all the times.

Coming to technical aspects such as songs , cinematography has taken the film to another level.

TIV verdict:

A little sweeter moments to look after the huge intake of bitter truths but with a good message altogether. Another biography made his way into good film category.

Rating: 4 out of 5